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It is recommended to actively implement and promote the model of interaction under the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan, being jointly implemented by the Sakhalin Oblast Administration, Sakhalin Energy and the Regional Council of Authorised Representatives of the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities.

From the recommendations for state authorities in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation based on the results of parliamentary hearings of the Federation Council Committee on Northern Territories and Indigenous Minorities, 02 October 2008.

Traditional Economic Activities Support Programme

The Traditional Economic Activities Support Programme has been developed to solve the employment problems of indigenous minorities and to ensure economic development taking into account SIM traditional lifestyle, traditional economic activities and crafts. The representatives of indigenous minorities have also emphasised the importance of traditional resource use activities (fishing, deer herding, hunting, wild plants gathering, dog breeding, folk crafts) for preservation of their cultural heritage.

Programme Goals:

  • develop and preserve traditional forms of economic activity of the Sakhalin indigenous minorities;
  • create new jobs and economic development opportunities for indigenous minorities on the basis of the available experience and skills;
  • support economic development of indigenous minorities communities and other SIM associations by granting them an opportunity to enter the market relations and use microcredits (loans);
  • contribute to the provision by successful enterprises of the Sakhalin indigenous minorities of social benefits and support to their local communities; and
  • assist in achieving competitiveness of indigenous minorities communities and other SIM associations in domestic and foreign markets.

The Traditional Economic Activities Support Programme comprises three subcomponents:

  • Self-sufficiency subcomponent;
  • Initiative for support of SIM communities and other SIM associations — Business Planning subcomponent; and
  • Microcredit subcomponent.

Programme framework and subcomponents:


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Received the main award in the all-Russian Corporate Philanthropy Leaders contest in nomination The Best Programme for Corporate Philanthropy Policy and CompanyТs Social Investments Principles

Winner of Vitus Bering International Award

Winner of social investments contest УCorporate Donor of Russia Ц 2008Ф

First prize at the Far Eastern International Festival of Indigenous People